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ยท One min read
Tyler van der Hoeven
Lead Developer Advocate

Discord agenda thread

  1. There's a discussion on a TX meta change increasing visibility and analytics within the Stellar network. (
  2. Read-only invocations for contracts is explained, focusing on ensuring certain functions remain read-only without side effects. ( ( (
  3. Enabling contract discovery is introduced to enhance the visibility and authenticity of smart contracts within the Stellar ecosystem.
  4. The implementation of a standardized contract meta data schema is proposed to link contracts to source code and enhance contract discoverability.(
  5. Issues related to inclusion fees in the Stellar network, highlighting the importance of monitoring fees closely and understanding the implications of surge pricing. (
  6. Plans are discussed for designing a new RPC endpoint to provide developers with better visibility and information on setting inclusion fees, aiming to improve transparency and decision-making regarding fee trade-offs.