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· 2 min read
Tyler van der Hoeven

Discord agenda thread

  1. Plan and schedule for these meetings
    1. Protocol meetings every other Thursday at 4pm ET
    2. Developer meetings every other Friday at 1pm ET
    3. Will continue to adjust as needed
  2. Fee bump bug - announcement | discussion thread
    1. Fee sponsorship bug: unused fee is refunded to the inner tx source rather than the sponsor source.
    2. Fix in new release. Up to the ecosystem and validators to upgrade. The fix will likely be rolled out before Phase 2.
    3. Up to validators to determine if they’d like to push the v20 upgrade date to wait for the fix; or upgrade with current release.
  3. TxMeta Deprecation in Horizon - announcement
  4. Ideas around testing against ledger snapshots - request
    1. Define the needs a bit more clearly
    2. Definitely something here we should be addressing to make testing against specific ledger state easier
  5. How do you get a list of smart contracts? - thread
    1. Observe create contract ops as ledgers close
    2. Use an indexing service
  6. What is the status of contracts caching support? - question
    1. response