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Naman Kumar
Product Manager

Discord agenda thread

  1. CAP Core Team deliberated over the latest proposals put forth by the Stellar ecosystem to advance stellar-core.
  2. Nicholas and David from the CAP Core Team listened to the following proposals and discussed the proposals with the authors. a. CAP Core team will deliver their vote over email.
  3. Proposals discussed:
    a. CAP-51: add support for secp256r1 verification; by @leigh
    b. CAP-53: create separate functions for extending the time-to-live for contract instance and contract code; by @tdep
    c. CAP-54: lower total costs by refining the Soroban cost model used for VM instantiation into multiple separate and more-accurate costs; by @graydon
    d. CAP-55: lower total costs by linking fewer host functions during VM instantiation in Soroban; by @graydon
    e. CAP-56: lower total costs by caching parsed Wasm modules within a Soroban transaction; by @graydon