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Developer Tools

Anchor Tools

Anchor Directory

View all anchors on Stellar, their currencies, and where they operate.

Demo Wallet

An application for interactively testing anchor services. Lets financial application developers test their integrations and learn how Stellar ecosystem protocols (SEPs) work; use the demo wallet to test Regulated Assets (SEP-8), Hosted Deposit and Withdrawal (SEP-24), and Cross-Border Payments (SEP-31) with any home domain that has a Stellar Info File (also known as SEP-1, or a stellar.toml file).


An extendable django app that makes it easy for anchors to facilitate cross-border payments and enable deposits and withdrawals; run a web server supporting any combination of SEP-1, 6, 10, 12, and 24.

Asset Tools

Asset Sandbox

A sandbox supported by SDF and Cheesecake Labs for businesses to experiment with asset issuance on Stellar's test network.

Block Explorers

Block explorers exist to publicly display blockchain data in an easily digestbible way. They can be browsed with an ordinary web browser, and do not require any special developer skills to use. The block explorers available for Soroban index data related to payments, accounts, deployed contracts, transaction history, and more.


Explore transactions and network activity with StellarExpert. Check stats specific to an asset code, transaction hash, account address, or ledger sequence number. Not available for Futurenet.


Explore transactions and network activity for Stellar’s networks, including Futurenet.

Soroban Explorer

Built specifically for Soroban, you can explore transactions and network activity for Stellar’s Testnet and Futurenet (Mainnet coming soon).

Stellar Explorer

Check data related to payments, accounts, deployed contracts, and more for Stellar’s Futurenet, Testnet, and Mainnet.


Ortege is an AI-powered blockchain analytics & insights tool for Stellar, making complex data simple and accessible. Access for free by signing up here.


Soroban CLI

The command line interface to Soroban smart contracts. It allows you to build, deploy, and interact with smart contracts; configure identities; generate key pairs; manage networks; and more.

Install Soroban CLI as explained in Setup.

Auto-generated comprehensive reference documentation is available here.

Data Indexers

To power your applications, a range of data services will be available from data indexers with query interfaces. These indexers will allow you to easily store and retrieve decoded ledger data, contract event emissions, and more. You can focus more energy on making your project successful, and waste less time figuring out precisely how to get the important data from the network.


An open-source data indexer that supports both Stellar and Soroban. SubQuery allows users to build a custom API for their dapp or smart contract and provides clean indexed data to any service. You can index ledgers, transactions, operations, and effects from Stellar and transactions and events from Soroban into your own Postgres database. Read the quick start guide here.


A network indexing service that provides a toolkit to help get you started working with Stellar network data.


An all-in-one Soroban RPC, indexer GraphQL API, and data analytics web portal.


Mirror and indexer coming soon.


Also offers RPC and Horizon instances.



A GUI where you can use and learn about the Stellar network on the Testnet and Pubnet. You can create accounts, construct and submit transactions, and query Horizon endpoints without needing to know code.


A web GUI for building, deploying, and testing contracts.



An IDE where you can write, deploy, and invoke contracts on the Stellar network using Soroban.

Network Status


Displays the current status of the Testnet and Mainnet. Monitor fee stats, recent operations, lumen supply, and more.


View Stellar network nodes and visualize consensus.

Status Page

Tracks network incidents and scheduled maintenance for the Testnet and Mainnet. Subscribe to updates to be notified about important events, including protocol upgrades and Testnet resets.

Smart Contract Resources

Soroban Copilot

A collection of no_std Rust packages focused on making Soroban development easier.

Soroban React

A simple, powerful framework for building modern Soroban dapps using React.

Soroban Dev

A web developer's guide to Soroban. Contains guides for learning Soroban and Rust, developer tools, example applications, and more.

Core and Horizon Operator Tools

GitHub Repository

A GitHub repository with tools like Stellar Archivist (for Stellar Core archive maintenance) and Horizon cmp (compares responses of two Horizon servers).



Keizai is an open-source postman-inspired application, designed to simplify and elevate the testing process for developers working with Soroban smart contracts.


Account Viewer

A stripped-down wallet where you can check an account’s XLM balance and send simple payments on Testnet and Mainnet.


A web-based wallet for Stellar transaction signing and identity verification.


SDF’s flagship non-custodial wallet extension that allows users to sign Stellar transactions via their browser.