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· 2 min read
Naman Kumar

Discord agenda thread

  1. The proposal is to advance stellar-core by adding a host function to verify the secp256r1 signature, which is the most common elliptic curve used outside of the blockchain space. It is useful in connecting off-chain authentication interfaces with on-chain functionality.
  2. Note that the proposal is not for a new signer type but a host function.
  3. Leigh investigated adding support for the WebAuthN use case, by allowing a custom account / smart contract to sign soroban auth entries using a secp256r1-signed payload.
  4. secp256r1 is supported by phones, passkeys, and enables an app to replace passwords. This is a massive benefit to user-facing applications like wallets.
  5. Pros and cons of the interface: blockchains generally implement the recovery interface over the verification interface but verification is easier for developers as it reduces burden on the client and the network.
  6. The WebAuthN use case requires encoding and decoding of base64 payloads and decoding JSON blobs, which is not currently supported in Soroban.
  7. While there are hacky ways of accomplishing the latter, it’s not a great developer experience and final implementation is susceptible to breakages on updates.
  8. It is also costly to bundle decoding with verification in guest.
  9. Soroban has always led with a batteries included mindset. Keeping in line with that approach, it makes sense to further investigate and determine whether a host function makes sense for these as well.
  10. Leigh’s implementation may require further evaluation of the crates used for ecdsa and p256.
  11. Brief discussion around proposed process for adding of a host function by a non-core dev.