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Admin Guide

Stellar Core is the program nodes use to communicate with other nodes to create and maintain the Stellar peer-to-peer network. It's an implementation of the Stellar Consensus Protocol configured to construct a chain of ledgers guaranteed to be in agreement across all participating nodes at all times.

These pages describe various aspects of installing, configuring, and maintaining a stellar-core node.

📄️ Publishing History Archives

If you want to run a Full Validator, you need to set up your node to publish a history archive. You can host an archive using a blob store such as Amazon's S3 or Digital Ocean's spaces, or you can simply serve a local archive directly via an HTTP server such as Nginx or Apache. If you're setting up a Basic Validator, you can skip this section. No matter what kind of node you're planning to run, make sure to set it up to get history, which is covered in Environment Preparation.