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The Wallets page provides detailed information about your distribution account, which is the primary Stellar account from which your disbursements are made.


The Wallets page includes the following:

  • Distribution account public key: This is your unique identifier for your distribution account on the Stellar network. You use this public key to receive funds in your distribution account.
  • Balance: This section displays the current balance of different digital assets in your distribution account:
    • USDC, EUROC, etc: This is the current balance available for making payments within a disbursement.
    • XLM: This is the balance of Stellar Lumens. This is used to fund the distribution account (base reserve) and transaction fees associated with making payments. This is for informational purposes and is not the source of funds for disbursements. In general, you do not need to worry about maintaining this, as Stellar network fees are very low.

Adding Funds‚Äč

Add funds to your distribution account: You can deposit Stellar-based digital assets into your distribution account by sending them to the provided public key. Make sure your account has a trustline to the asset before you send funds. As a general principle, do not use your distribution account as a long-term holding place for money. It is meant to be a pass-through wallet to fund disbursements.