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The Anchor Platform is the easiest and fastest way to deploy anchor services compatible with Stellar Ecosystem Proposals (SEPs).

The goal of the Anchor Platform is to handle all Stellar-specific functionality and requirements for running an anchor, allowing businesses to focus on the core business logic necessary to provide these services.

The Anchor Platform accomplishes this by implementing the ecosystem's standardized APIs (SEPs) for wallets, exchanges, and other applications to consume, while offering a set of backend APIs for businesses to provide information specific to them, such as transaction fees, exchange rates, and off-chain transaction statuses.

Below is a list of SEPs currently supported:

The documentation for the Anchor Platform is a work in progress. Developers are welcome to dive into the code and existing documentation on the GitHub repository, or if you're looking to build an on & off-ramp service compatible with SEP-24, see our getting started guide.