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History Ledgers

NameDescriptionData TypeDomain ValuesPrimary Key?Natural Key?Partition or Cluster Field?Required?Notes
sequenceThe sequence number that corresponds to the individual ledgers. As ledgers are written to the network, the sequence is incremented by 1integerYesclusterYes
ledger_hashThe hex-encoded SHA-256 hash that represents the ledger's XDR-encoded formstringYes
previous_ledger_hashThe hex-encoded SHA-256 hash of the ledger that immediately precedes this ledgerstringNo
transaction_countThe number of successful transactions submitted and completed by the network in this ledgerintegerYesDefaults to 0
operation_countThe total number of successful operations applied to this ledgerintegerYesDefaults to 0
closed_atTimestamp in UTC when this ledger closed and committed to the network. Ledgers are expected to close ~every 5 secondstimestampYescluster, MONTH partitionYes
idUnique identifier for the ledgerintegerYesNo
total_coinsTotal number of lumens in circulationintegerYes
fee_poolThe sum of all transaction feesintegerYes
base_feeThe fee (in stroops) the network charges per operation in a transaction for the given ledger. The minimum base fee is 100, with the ability to increase if transaction demand exceeds ledger capacity. When this occurs, the ledger enters surge pricingintegerYesThe stroop is the fractional representation of a lumen (XLM). 1 stroop is 0.0000001 XLM.
base_reserveThe reserve (in stroops) the network requires an account to retain as a minimum balance in order to be a valid account on the network. The current minimum reserve is 10 XLMinteger5000000 100000000YesThe stroop is the fractional representation of a lumen (XLM). 1 stroop is 0.0000001 XLM.
max_tx_set_sizeThe maximum number of operations that Stellar validator nodes have agreed to process in a given ledger. Since Protocol 11, ledger capacity has been measured in operations rather than transactionsinteger50 - original max 500 1000 - current maxYes
protocol_versionThe protocol verstion that the Stellar network was running when this ledger was committed. Protocol versions are released ~every 6 monthsintegerintegers 1 - 19 (will increment)YesDefaults to 0
ledger_headerA base64-encoded string of the raw LedgerHeader xdr struct for this ledgerbytesNo
successful_transaction_countThe number of successful transactions submitted and completed by the network in this ledgerintegerNo
failed_transaction_countThe number of failed transactions submitted to the network in this ledger. The transaction was still paid for but contained an error that prevented it from executingintegerNo
tx_set_operation_countThe total number of operations in the transaction set for this ledger, including failed transactions.integerNoTransactions on Stellar are atomic. If one of the operations within a transaction set fails, the entire transaction will failed, including any other operations.
batch_idString representation of the run id for a given DAG in Airflow. Takes the form of "scheduled__<batch_end_date>-<dag_alias>". Batch ids are unique to the batch and help with monitoring and rerun capabilitiesstringYes
batch_run_dateThe start date for the batch interval. When taken with the date in the batch_id, the date represents the interval of ledgers processed. The batch run date can be seen as a proxy of closed_at for a ledger.datetimeYesThe table is partitioned on batch_run_date. It is recommended to always include the batch_run_date in the filter if possible to help reduce query cost.
batch_insert_tsThe timestamp in UTC when a batch of records was inserted into the database. This field can help identify if a batch executed in real time or as part of a backfilltimestampYes
soroban_fee_write_1kbSoroban write fee costsinteger