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Contract Code

NameDescriptionData TypeDomain ValuesPrimary Key?Natural Key?Partition or Cluster Field?Required?Notes
contract_code_hashSoroban contract code hashstringYesClusterYes
contract_code_ext_vContract code extention versioninteger
last_modified_ledgerThe ledger sequence number when the ledger entry (this unique signer for the account) was modified. Deletions do not count as a modification and will report the prior modification sequence numberintegerClusterYes
ledger_entry_changeCode that describes the ledger entry change type that was applied to the ledger entry.integerYes
deletedIndicates whether the ledger entry (balance id) has been deleted or not. Once an entry is deleted, it cannot be recovered.booleanYes
batch_idString representation of the run id for a given DAG in Airflow. Takes the form of "scheduled__<batch_end_date>-<dag_alias>". Batch ids are unique to the batch and help with monitoring and rerun capabilitiesstringYes
batch_run_dateThe start date for the batch interval. When taken with the date in the batch_id, the date represents the interval of ledgers processed. The batch run date can be seen as a proxy of closed_at for a ledger.datetimeYes
batch_insert_tsThe timestamp in UTC when a batch of records was inserted into the database. This field can help identify if a batch executed in real time or as part of a backfilltimestampYes
closed_atThe UNIX timestamp of the sequence number's agetimestampPartitionYes
ledger_sequenceThe unsigned 32-bit ledger number of the sequence number's ageintegerYes
ledger_key_hashLedger key hash used to identify expiring contract data or contract code ledger entriesstringYes
n_instructionsNumber of instrcutions in contract codeinteger
n_functionsNumber of functions in contract codeinteger
n_globalsNumber of global variables in contract codeinteger
n_table_entriesNumber of table entries in contract codeinteger
n_typesNumber of types in contract codeinteger
n_data_segmentsNumber of data segments in contract codeinteger
n_elem_segmentsNumber of element segments in contract codeinteger
n_importsNumber of imports in contract codeinteger
n_exportsNumber of exports in contract codeinteger
n_data_segment_bytesNumber of data segment bytes in contract codeinteger