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Resource Limits & Fees


Resource limitations and fees only apply to smart contract transactions. Read more about the inner workings of fees on Stellar in the Fees section.

Resource Limits

Network SettingValue
Soroban Txn per ledger100
Max CPU Instructions per Txn100 million
Memory limit per Txn40 MB
Ledger entry size (including Wasm entries) per Txn64 KB
Read/Write Ledger entries per Txn40 read; 25 write
Read/Write bytes per Txn130 KB read; 65 KB write
Transaction size70 KB
Persistent entry minimal/initial lifetime120 days
Temporary entry minimal/initial lifetime1 day
Max ledger entry expiration bump6 months
Events+return value size bytes8 KB

Resource Fees

Note that write fees grow linearly from empty ledger to ledger "target size", and then grow linearly, but with a 1000x factor after exceeding the target. This is to bound the ledger size growth.

The ledger rent cost ('Write 1KB' entries in the table) is based on the write fee, rent period and some coefficient. For the temporary storage, the coefficient is 10 months (in ledgers), thus 1 month of temporary entry rent is 1/10 of the rent fee. For persistent storage the coefficient is 1 month (in ledgers) and thus 1 month of rent is equivalent to the write fee.

Network SettingCost (stroops)
10,000 instructions25 (250,000/max tx)
Read 1 ledger entry6,250 (250,000/max tx)
Write 1 ledger entry10,000 (250,000/max tx)
Read 1KB from ledger1,786 (250,000/max tx)
1KB of transaction size (bandwidth)1,624 (113,642/max tx)
1KB of transaction size (history)16,235 (1,136,418/max tx)
1KB of Events/return value10,000 (80,000/max tx)
“Target” ledger size13 GB
Fee multiplier after reaching the target size1,000
Write 1KB to ledger, stroops (empty)-193,153 (the write cost is always positive; this value is used only for the effective write fee computations)
Write 1KB to ledger, stroops (current, 12 GB)11,539 (750,000/max tx)
Write 1KB to ledger, stroops (target, 12.5 GB)57,695 (7,500,000/max tx)
Temp entry rent period, ledgers2,804
Persistent entry rent period, ledgers1,402
Minimum persistent entry TTL, ledgers2,073,600 (120 days)
Minimum temp entry TTL, ledgers17,280 (~1 day)