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Dapps on Soroban

Decentralized applications, or "dapps," mark a significant shift in our digital interactions, running on a blockchain or peer-to-peer network instead of centralized servers. This shift enhances transparency, security, and user control, as data and smart contracts are stored on a public ledger, open for audit by anyone. Soroban facilitates building and deploying dapps on the Stellar blockchain, offering tools and frameworks that simplify the development process for even those with minimal coding experience. The Soroban Dapps Challenge highlights this, enabling you to create a variety of dapp use cases on a single page in just 20 minutes, with minimal coding, guiding you from smart contract deployment to user interaction through a web frontend.

The Soroban Dapps Challenge is a dynamic course designed for developers eager to explore the potential of building decentralized applications (Dapps) on the Soroban smart contracts platform. This course is part challenge, part educational journey that sets the stage for practical and creative blockchain development.

While the course specifically focuses on the Soroban platform, the knowledge you gain can be applied to other transaction processors such as different blockchains, L2s, and permissioned ledgers. The skills you acquire here are meant to be transferable and versatile.

Through The Soroban Dapps Challenge, you'll have hands-on experience using Soroban's initial versions of the smart contracts environment, a Rust SDK, a CLI, and an RPC server. You'll learn how to write, test, and deploy smart contracts, and you'll get to see your code in action on Futurenet.

What This Course Entails

We've designed this course as a learning adventure. It's a way for developers from the Stellar ecosystem and other blockchain communities to experiment, provide feedback, and contribute to the Soroban development process.

As you progress through The Soroban Dapps Challenge, anticipate your code to break and updates to shift things. We invite you to experiment and build but also remind you that changes are afoot as we prepare for the production release.

Getting Started

To get started, simply head over to the Dashboard, connect your wallet, and see what challenges await you!

Giving Your Feedback

We value your input. Feel free to file issues in the Soroban repos or raise them in the soroban channel in the Stellar Developer Discord.

Join us in this exciting course and start building for the future of blockchain technology.

Disclaimer: The Soroban Dapps Challenge is for educational purposes only and is designed to teach developers how to write code using Soroban by experimenting in a Sandbox environment. None of the materials provided as part of the Soroban Dapps Challenge shall be construed as financial, legal, or investment advice. Any developers that wish to subsequently launch any Soroban Dapps live on mainnet acknowledge that they do so independently, outside of the Soroban Dapps Challenge program. All such developers should ensure they have considered any applicable legal and compliance obligations in force in their jurisdiction.