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The Ledger Object

When Horizon returns information about a ledger, it uses the following format:



  • idstring

    A unique identifier for this ledger.

  • paging_tokennumber

    A cursor value for use in pagination.

  • hashstring

    A hex-encoded SHA-256 hash of this ledger’s XDR-encoded form.

  • prev_hashstring

    The hash of the ledger immediately preceding this ledger.

  • sequencenumber

    The sequence number of this ledger, and the parameter used in Horizon calls that require a ledger number.

  • successful_transaction_countnumber

    The number of successful transactions in this ledger.

  • failed_transaction_countnumber

    The number of failed transactions in this ledger.

  • operation_countnumber

    The number of operations applied in this ledger.

  • tx_set_operation_countnumber

    The number of total operations in the transaction set (including failed transactions).

  • closed_atstring

    An ISO 8601 formatted string of when this ledger was closed.

  • total_coinsstring

    The total number of lumens in circulation.

  • fee_poolstring

    The sum of all transaction fees.

  • base_fee_in_stroopsnumber

    The fee the network charges per operation in a transaction.

  • base_reserve_in_stroopsnumber

    The reserve the network uses when calculating an account’s minimum balance.

  • max_tx_set_sizenumber

    The maximum number of operations validators have agreed to process in a given ledger. Since Protocol 11, ledger capacity has been measured in operations rather than transactions. For more info on that decision, see CAP-5.

  • protocol_versionnumber

    The protocol version that the Stellar network was running when this ledger was committed.

  • header_xdrstring

    A base64 encoded string of the raw LedgerHeader xdr struct for this ledger.