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Horizon only has one dependency: a PostgreSQL server that it uses to store data that has been processed and ingested from Stellar Core. Horizon requires PostgreSQL version >= 9.5.

As far as system requirements go, there are a few main things to keep in mind:

  • If you plan on ingesting live transaction data from the Stellar network, your machines should have enough extra RAM to hold Captive Core’s in-memory database (~3GB).

  • In the above case, you should also take care to allocate enough space (on the order of ~20 GBs to your /tmp directory for Captive Core to cache ledger information while it runs. You can also set a TMPDIR environmental variable (or equivalent for your OS) to change the directory being used, at least until a flag is introduced to customize this through Horizon itself.

  • Other disk space requirements depend on how much of the network’s history you’d like to serve from your Horizon instance; this could be anywhere from a few GBs to tens of TBs for the full ingested pubnet ledger history.

Last updated May. 06, 2021

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