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Manage Data Result Codes

These are result codes that communicate success (200) or failure (400) specific to the Manage Data operation.

Learn more about the Manage Data operation.


    Manage data operation has executed successfully.

  • op_not_supported_yetMANAGE_DATA_NOT_SUPPORTED_YET

    The network hasn’t moved to this protocol change yet. This failure means the network doesn’t support this feature yet.

  • op_data_name_not_foundMANAGE_DATA_NAME_NOT_FOUND

    Trying to remove a Data Entry that isn’t there. This will happen if Name is set (and Value isn’t) but the Account doesn’t have a DataEntry with that Name.

  • op_low_reserveMANAGE_DATA_LOW_RESERVE

    This account does not have enough XLM to satisfy the minimum XLM reserve increase caused by adding a subentry and still satisfy its XLM selling liabilities. For every new DataEntry added to an account, the minimum reserve of XLM that account must hold increases.

  • op_data_invalid_nameMANAGE_DATA_INVALID_NAME

    Name not a valid string.