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Allow Trust Result Codes

These are result codes that communicate success (200) or failure (400) specific to the Allow Trust operation.

Learn more about the Allow Trust operation.


    Trust trust operation was successful.


    The asset specified in type is invalid. In addition, this error happens when the native asset is specified.

  • op_no_trustlineALLOW_TRUST_NO_TRUST_LINE

    The trustor does not have a trustline with the issuer performing this operation.


    The source account (issuer performing this operation) does not require trust. In other words, it does not have to have the flag AUTH_REQUIRED_FLAG set.

  • op_cant_revokeALLOW_TRUST_CANT_REVOKE

    The source account is trying to revoke the trustline of the trustor, but it cannot do so.

  • op_self_not_allowedALLOW_TRUST_SELF_NOT_ALLOWED

    The source account attempted to allow a trustline for itself, which is not allowed because an account cannot create a trustline with itself.

  • op_low_reserveALLOW_TRUST_LOW_RESERVE

    Claimable balances can't be created on revoke due to low reserves