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Account Merge Result Codes

These are result codes that communicate success (200) or failure (400) specific to the Account Merge operation.

Learn more about the Account Merge operation.


    Account succesfully merged.


    The operation is malformed because the source account cannot merge with itself. The destination must be a different account.


    The destination account does not exist.


    The source account has AUTH_IMMUTABLE flag set.

  • op_has_sub_entriesACCOUNT_MERGE_HAS_SUB_ENTRIES

    The source account has trustlines and/or offers.

  • op_seq_num_too_farACCOUNT_MERGE_SEQNUM_TOO_FAR

    Source account sequence number is too high.


    The destination account cannot receive the balance of the source account and still satisfy its lumen buying liabilities.