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Transaction Malformed

The transaction_malformed error returns a 400 error code and occurs when a client submits a malformed transaction.

There are many ways in which a transaction could be malformed, including:

  1. You submitted an empty string.
  2. Your base64-encoded string is invalid.
  3. Your XDR structure is invalid.
  4. You have leftover bytes in your XDR structure.
Example Response for a 'Transaction Malformed' Status Code
"type": "",
"title": "Transaction Malformed",
"status": 400,
"detail": "Horizon could not decode the transaction envelope in this request. A transaction should be an XDR TransactionEnvelope struct encoded using base64. The envelope read from this request is echoed in the `extras.envelope_xdr` field of this response for your convenience.",
"extras": {