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List Liquidity Pools

This endpoint lists all available liquidity pools.

Query Parameters
  • reserves any

    Comma-separated list of assets in canonical form (Code:IssuerAccountID), to only include liquidity pools which have reserves matching all listed assets.

  • account any

    A Stellar account ID, to only include liquidity pools in which this account is participating in (i.e. holds pool shares to).

  • cursor integer

    A number that points to a specific location in a collection of responses and is pulled from the paging_token value of a record.

  • order string

    Possible values: [asc, desc]

    A designation of the order in which records should appear. Options include asc (ascending) or desc (descending). If this argument isn’t set, it defaults to asc.

  • limit integer

    The maximum number of records returned. The limit can range from 1 to 200 - an upper limit that is hardcoded in Horizon for performance reasons. If this argument isn’t designated, it defaults to 10.



  • _links object
  • self object
  • href link required
  • templated boolean
  • next object
  • href link required
  • templated boolean
  • prev object
  • href link required
  • templated boolean
  • _embedded object
  • records object[]
  • Array [
  • id id required
  • paging_token paging_token required
  • fee_bp uint32 required
  • type string required
  • total_trustlines string required
  • total_shares string required
  • reserves object required
  • asset string
  • amount string
  • last_modified_ledger string required
  • last_modified_time string required
  • ]