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The registration endpoints guide the process for a receiver to verify their identity and link their wallet address to an SDP. The registration process only needs to happen once per receiver to link their wallet. Only SDP-compatible wallet providers can facilitate the registration process. These endpoints must be supported and hit by the wallet providers after the receiver gets the initial SMS invite. After the wallet address is successfully linked, the payment automatically begins.

There are two parts to the registration flow. First, the wallet must authenticate and initiate a registration flow using the Anchor Platform Endpoints defined below. Note that these endpoints are hosted on a different host than the Stellar Disursement Platform.

The second part of the registration flow is handled by the webview that is opened within the wallet application. This webview uses the endpoints defined in the Stellar Disbursement Platfrom Endpoints section to complete the registration process. The wallet application can chose not to use the webview and intstead integrate directly with the API.