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Node Hardware Requirements

Here you can find the requirements for running the various types of nodes the operate the Stellar network. We offer some modest recommendations for each type of resource, as well as a generally applicable SKU for some popular cloud computing providers. These may require customizations or adjustments, depending on your specific use-case.

Node TypeCPURAMDiskAWS SKUGoogle Cloud SKUAdmin Guide
Core Validator Node8x Intel Xeon @ 3.4 GHz16 GB100 GB NVMe SSDc5d.2xlargen4-highcpu-8Click here
Horizon API Service4 vCPU16 GB100 GB SSD >= 1.5K IOPSc5d.xlargen4-standard-4Click here
Horizon PostgreSQL4 vCPU32 GB2 TB* SSD (NVMe or Direct Attached Storage) >= 7K IOPSi4g.xlargec3-highmem-8Click here
Soroban RPC2 vCPU4 GB30 GB persistent volume >= 3K IOPSc5.largen4-highcpu-2Click here

* Assuming a 30-day retention window for data storage.