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Retrieve All Statistics



Fetches all metrics on all disbursements the organization has created. The response includes basic aggregations on payments, receivers, receiver wallets, and assets.


General Statistics response

    total_disbursements int64

    Total number of disbursements

    payment_counters object
    draft int64
    ready int64
    pending int64
    paused int64
    success int64
    failed int64
    total int64
    payment_amounts_by_asset object[]
  • Array [
  • asset_code string
    payment_amounts object
    draft string
    ready string
    pending string
    paused string
    success string
    failed string
    average string
    total string
  • ]
  • receiver_wallets_counters object
    draft int64
    ready int64
    registered int64
    flagged int64
    total int64
    total_receivers int64

    Total number of receivers