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Getting Started

This sections goes through using Google's Looker Studio as a free and easy to use visualization tool that you can hook up your BigQuery Stellar network data to.

There are many other free/paid visualization tools available. Hubble is compatible with any visualization tool with a BigQuery connector.

Creating your first visualization

Hooking Up Data Sources

The following will use the Stellar Development Foundations public datasets and tables as an example to hook up data sources to Looker Studio

  • Click Create in Google's Looker Studio
  • Click Data Source
  • Find the BigQuery connector
  • Use the project crypto-stellar
  • Use the dataset crypto_stellar
  • Select the table of interest
  • Click CONNECT

When you create a new report you should be able to now access data from crypto-stellar.crypto_stellar.<table name>

Making your first pie chart

  • Click Create in Google's Looker Studio
  • Click Report
  • Click My data sources
  • Click the data source you added above
  • A table of the data should appear in a new report
  • Click on the table
  • Click on Chart on the right sidebar
  • Click on the Pie chart image

You have now created a new report with a pie chart.

Looker Studio has many resources to help visualize and explore data. Learn more here