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In the Stellar network, transactions are encoded using a standardized protocol called External Data Representation (XDR).

In Horizon, you will only encounter XDR when posting and getting transactions and in the ledger header.

When you post a transaction, a client will encode the transaction as XDR before submitting it to Horizon.

When you request a transaction, Horizon returns some data about the transaction in human-readable JSON. The full canonical data about the transaction is encoded in machine-readable XDR, available in XDR attributes at the end of the response.

You can decode this XDR in the Stellar Laboratory’s XDR Viewer.



  • envelope_xdrstring

    The XDR encoded transaction as stellar-core sees it.

  • result_xdrstring

    The effects of a transaction encoded in XDR.

  • result_meta_xdrstring

    The details about the effects of a transaction encoded in XDR.

  • fee_meta_xdrstring

    The fees associated with the transaction encoded in XDR.