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Update Organization Profile‚Äč

Updates the organization profile details. Only account owners have permission to do this. Note: both fields are optional but at least one should be sent in the request. It is not necessary to set the header Content-Type for this request. It is set automatically by the HTTP client.

Request Body
  • logo binary

    The logo of the organization, file type must be png or jpeg.

  • data json

    A JSON string that contains the details to update. Contains the following keys: organization_name (string): the new name of the organization, timezone_utc_offset (string): the new timezone offset of the organization, is_approval_required (boolean): whether the approval workflow is enabled or not. For example: '{"organization_name": "NewOrgName", "timezone_utc_offset": "+02:00", "is_approval_required": true}'



  • message string required