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Retrieve related Operations

This endpoint represents successful operations referencing a given claimable balance and can be used in streaming mode.

Streaming mode allows you to listen for new operations referencing this claimable balance as they are added to the Stellar ledger. If called in streaming mode, Horizon will start at the earliest known operation unless a cursor is set, in which case it will start from that cursor. By setting the cursor value to now, you can stream operations created since your request time.



  • claimable_balance_idrequired

    This claimable balance’s id encoded in a hex string representation.

  • cursoroptional

    A number that points to a specific location in a collection of responses and is pulled from the paging_token value of a record.

  • orderoptional

    A designation of the order in which records should appear. Options include asc(ascending) or desc (descending). If this argument isn’t set, it defaults to asc.

  • limitoptional

    The maximum number of records returned. The limit can range from 1 to 200 - an upper limit that is hardcoded in Horizon for performance reasons. If this argument isn’t designated, it defaults to 10.

  • include_failedoptional

    Set to true to include failed operations in results. If this argument isn’t set, it defaults to false.

  • joinoptional

    Set to transactions to include the transactions which created each of the operations in the response.