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The Claimable Balance Object

When Horizon returns information about a claimable balance, it uses the following format:



  • idstring

    A unique identifier for this claimable balance.

  • paging_tokennumber

    A cursor value for use in pagination.

  • assetstring

    The asset available to be claimed in the SEP-11 form asset_code:issuing_address or native (for XLM)

  • amountstring

    The amount of asset that can be claimed.

  • sponsorstring (optional)

    The account id of the sponsor who is paying the reserves for this claimable balance.

  • last_modified_ledgerinteger

    The sequence number of the last ledger in which this claimable balance was modified.

  • last_modified_timestring

    An ISO 8601 formatted string of last modification time.

  • claimantsarray of objects

    The list of entries which could claim the claimable balance.