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List Claimable Balances

This endpoint lists all available claimable balances.



  • sponsorstring (optional)

    Account ID of the sponsors. Only include claimable balances in the response which are sponsored by the given account ID.

  • assetstring (optional)

    An issued asset represented as “Code:IssuerAccountID”. Only include claimable balances in the response which provide a balance for the given asset.

  • claimantstring (optional)

    Account ID of the destination address. Only include claimable balances which can be claimed by the given account ID.

  • cursorstring (optional)

    A number that points to a specific location in a collection of responses and is pulled from the paging_token value of a record.

  • orderstring (optional)

    A designation of the order in which records should appear. Options include asc(ascending) or desc (descending). If this argument isn’t set, it defaults to asc.

  • limitinteger (optional)

    The maximum number of records returned. The limit can range from 1 to 200 - an upper limit that is hardcoded in Horizon for performance reasons. If this argument isn’t designated, it defaults to 10.