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Create or Update Customer Info‚Äč

The Anchor Platform does not persist any customer KYC data.

The request and response for this endpoint are identical to the PUT /customer request and response defined in SEP-12.

Client applications make requests with the following request body, which is forwarded to the anchor. Anchors must validate and persist the data passed, and return the customer's id.

Request Body
  • id string

    The ID of the customer as returned in the response of a previous PUT request.

  • account string

    The Stellar or Muxed Account authenticated with the Platform via SEP-10.

  • memo string

    The memo value identifying a customer with a shared account, where the shared account is account.

  • memo_type string

    Possible values: [id, hash, text]

    The type of memo used to identify a customer with a shared account.

  • type string

    The type of action the customer is being KYCd for. See the Type Specification documented in SEP-12 for more info. For SEP-31 you can define your own types in the assets configuration. For SEP-24 pre-defined value sep24-customer is used.

  • first_name string
  • last_name string
  • additional_name string
  • address_country_code string
  • state_or_province string
  • city string
  • postal_code string
  • address string
  • mobile_number string
  • email_address string
  • birth_date date
  • birth_place string
  • birth_country_code string
  • bank_account_number string
  • bank_account_type string
  • bank_number string
  • bank_phone_number string
  • bank_branch_number string
  • tax_id string
  • tax_id_name string
  • occupation string
  • employer_name string
  • employer_address string
  • language_code string
  • id_type string
  • id_country_code string
  • id_issue_date date
  • id_expiration_date date
  • id_number string
  • ip_address string
  • sex string


  • id string