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Generate Unique Address‚Äč

If the platform is configured with depositInfoGeneratorType: api, the Platform make this request to the Anchor backend every time a transaction is initiated by a client application.

The Anchor must guarantee that the memo returned in this request is unique, so it can be mapped 1-to-1 to a Platform resource such as a SEP-31 transaction.

Here is how this flow would be used for Receiving Anchors that need to create their unique (account, memo) pairs outside the platform, using Circle:

Query Parameters
  • transaction_id string required

    The platform server will save the posted transaction and pass the transaction_id through this endpoint. If the anchor wishes to return transaction-dependent unique_address, the anchor may query the GET /transactions endpoint of the Platform API.



  • unique_address object

    An object containing the unique stellar_address:memo pair used to identify a destination.

  • stellar_address string required

    A G... stellar address or a M... muxed stellar address of an existing account in the Stellar network.

  • memo string

    The memo to attach to the Stellar payment.

  • memo_type string

    Possible values: [text, hash, id]

    The type of memo to attach to the Stellar payment (text, hash, or id).